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Silverprint Hotel
La galerie nomade
by Ursula Moutin-Katzenmeier

I have many friends and acquaintances who are photographers. For some of them it’s just a hobby, others make a living doing it, and a few have made it to the realm of recognized artist.

In this exclusive part of the site, I will regularly choose a featured guest's photo that particularly spoke to me, a photo that I would have liked to have taken myself (which I think is one of the highest compliments that a photographer can receive). That photo may come with a piece of writing, a story, or an artist interview, after which interested viewers can read more at the photographer’s own website, thereby discovering more of their work. My intention is to share the joy and enthusiasm I experience when I see a beautiful photo, a photo that interests me and that I find to be provocative, surprising, engaging, unique, captivating, risqué, rare, delicate, sensual, perfect, imperfect yet moving…

"Wolfgang Menninger""

My first featured guest artist is Wolfgang Menninger. The opening photo on this page shows a collection of small petals floating on the deep blue surface of a pond… I have had the pleasure of relaxing in the beautiful garden that surrounds this pond, of dining at the house and of visiting the workshop on its second floor…. This shot was taken by Wolfgang Menninger; painter, photographer, and husband of my friend Irene. He has captured many a petal, flower, and frog, moments before they disappeared beneath the mysterious blue of the water. The pond in question is really not very large, and to this day I am still astounded at the impressive quantity and variety of beautiful photos that Wolfgang has drawn from it. A reduced collection of these images can be seen in the art calendar “Blühendes Wasser”, published by DuMont.

Wolfgang’s work is magnificent. On top of the photographs, his portfolio includes some extremely powerful paintings and a collection of amazingly delicate drawings. For the time being, these are only available for a handful of his friends to enjoy. In 1994, Wolfgang sent me some photos of his work and I have compiled 24 of his drawings, photos, and paintings here to share with friends and other art lovers.

Wolfgang died suddenly in February 2011. He was 74 years old. I miss listening to his take on my own photos, the interest he took in my work, his suggestions, and the discussions we used to enjoy. As his work awaits discovery in the wider world, I find myself seeking in it the answers to a question that I never got a chance to ask him…

If you're interested in the artist or his work please contact via email: